While listening to Mi

Today is Saturday.
Today is March, 26th.
And today is your birthday.

I have listened Mi these days to remember you, to somehow understand you, to silently celebrate your coming-soon birthday day by day. Listening to Mi is the new thing to me. Because on your birthday in previous years, I always listened again songs when you are just YUI, not YUI from Flower Flower. The songs such as: Tokyo, Tomorrow’s way, Good-bye days, Life, Your Heaven, Namidairo, Feel my soul, Cherry, etc… You know, in general, your old song. In fact, songs from Mi album are also not new. They are old too, because the album released in November 2014. But on your birthday in 2015, I just couldn’t listen to that kind of music. It was somehow strange to me. It was not the music of YUI that I had known. So, I didn’t listen to Mi on your birthday 2015. Instead, I still listened to your old songs from Orange Garden Pop & Green Garden Pop. This year, I realize that if I loved you truthfully, I should accept you no matter how you change. I think when we really love someone, we love their core – the inside thing that doesn’t change eventhough the outside thing changes; therefore, no matter who they become to, we will love them. So I decide to listen to Mi once again, carefully, repeat and repeat, not so easy to give up like last year. And yesterday, I smiled when I thought I somehow understood you, somehow accept your new one. Mi… that kind of music… I think I gradually find its peace in its electric guitar, its ambience, its heavy atmosphere. All the thing that used to be hard for me to listen now become to something I can absorb when I repeat so many times and try to listen your voice. Like the spirit of yours in your last day activity before resting due to your marriage and giving birth, Mi is full of nature. There are song that their name are the nature elements just like: Kuuki (track 3, means Air), Ohayou no Kizu wo (track 5, means Do the Goodmorning kiss), Suiteki (track 6, means Waterdrop), Hikari (track 9, means Light), Tsuki (track 12, means Moon). Deep inside the electric guitar somehow made me feel noisy, now I feel the breathe of nature, I feel fresh, I feel quiet, I feel gloomy, I feel your passed loneliness, I feel your love, I feel your strength. Suddenly, I seem to totally understand the reason why you who used to be mainstream artist chose to be indie artitst. Some people said that you were crazy because going through the inverted process while nowaday we often see indie artists become to mainstream artist when they have chance (maybe Taylor Swift is a good example), Some people said that you were courage. But now, I say that you just chose the music that you want to play, that you just want to be free, to do whatever you want, not concern too much about the sale. You are not the one who belongs to luxurious showbiz, to vanity. You are still someone who has a pure soul just like the first day you went to Sony audition. You are always simple like that. You belong to the simple thing, the sincere music from your  heart. And yes, I agree that you were courage to be yourself. Nowadays, there are not too much people have courage just to be themselves. I’m also a coward trying to live my life in the neutral way.

In Mi, there is one song that I specially notice: Kimi no koto (track 10, means Your thing). You wrote this song for your husband, didn’t you. I feel the love fulfilled in this song. It’s so warm.

「人生に理由を ひとつあげるとしたら
きみに出会うためだと 私にはわかるんだよ 聞こえる

こんな気持ちをくれて ほんとうにありがとうね
きみがいるこの世界は 愛おしくてしょうがない」

“Suppose that there is a reason for life
I will answer that it is for meeting you – that’s what I understood

Thank you for giving me this feeling
I love this world that has you too much to endure.”

When I listened your music in my highschool and university years, I could feel your anxiety about life. You often made questions than gave the answer. But now, it seems that you can find your own answer, doesn’t it. Kimi no koto is exactly opposite with Tokyo. One’s life can change and it sometime changes in the way no one can predict. When I listened to “Tokyo”, I didn’t expect that someday you could wrote song with that certainty in “Kimi no koto”. Congratulation, my girl. I wish you’re happy. I wish you all the best thing. You must be happy in your own family now with your husband and your twin babies. You are not only singer – songwrite, now you are a wife. you are mom. Through what you wrote in Mother, I believe that you will be a good Mom.

Not like previous years, today I choose your photo when you played in Flower Flower. I choose to see your current one (of course, it’s not so exact because you haven’t updated any photos since you marriage) or I can say this was your new one that I hadn’t accepted. Now I accept it. And I will wait for your new projects, new songs, new albums.

Happy birthday to you you. Happy birthday to you you.
Always thank you.



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