Her love for nature

I really like the idea of the project 「Sony Walkmanキミの知らない音」. Very interesting. I have just finished the last video of Yui in my folder computer. Three years ago, I had downloaded nearly all of her video, so many many that I reserve them for watching few by few on her birthday every year since then. And now, this video is really last video. There’s no thing more…

I remember that I nearly dug up all sites I could access on Internet to attain her video as much as possible. I have watched them so slowly. After 8 years following her, finally maybe I have nearly watched all her videos as YUI artist (I think I miss a few of her videos, I don’t know the exact number, I can’t control it). This thing is somehow sad to me. But, it also has a positive aspect: now I have to face reality, accept herself now, accept her present music in FLOWER FLOWER band. I have just only listened three song of FLOWER FLOWER: Tsuki, Kamisama, Takaramono. Now, I’m going to listen to their songs more and more.

What made me think much about her in her birthday this year is her love for nature. When people asked her why she named her collect album is Green Garden Pop & Orange Garden Pop, she said that because Green and Orange is natural color; they’re colors come from nature; Green is the color of leaves, while Orange is the color of sunlight in sunset. She loves nature so much, it makes her feel content. That was the reason for these two album’s names. She tried to make herself comfort when trying to bring nature in her music, even just in album name. And when she created FLOWER FLOWER, she said that name was named just because she wanted more and more nature. Oh yes, I can see. FLOWER is nature, maybe a garden of flowers. But it was not enough for her. She had to double it. FLOWER FLOWER. So many many flowers. So much much flowers. Flowers expand to huge space, expand to that vague horizon, to infinite. Innumerable flowers in vast valley which has a depth somehow makes it looks like an abyss, an sad abyss fulfilled by the creature that people call “flower”. FLOWER. FLOWER. FLOWER FLOWER. And their first album’s name is 実 (Fruit). It means that flowers became into fruits, isn’t it. They also has songs like: 秋 (Autumn), 夏(Summer). The image in MVs of these two songs is full of nature…  Its visual, its melody, its atmosphere makes me calm and sorrow at the sametime. Why does she need nature so much? I guess maybe it’s because she feels the lack of nature in her inside, maybe she misses her hometown – Fukuoka. And maybe somewhere in her mind, she somehow wants to keep herself pure, innocent just like nature, just like that young boy. To be herself by keeping carefully nature in her mind. That young boy… Scared little boy.

Goodbye days.

I will keep going with you, with your present music that even now, I still can’t adapt. But everything takes time. Right, my girl?

And two more days to neechan’s birthday. In the next following two days, I definitely watch First class (I should have watched it last year). I wish all the ones I love still keep working well and be happy.



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