Goodbye to Gigabyte K6800

Goodbye to Gigabyte K6800…
I’m so sad.
Just when you went off, just when I have to use different keyboard, I can see that you’re so beautiful.
This morning, somewhere in my heart seems to be empty when I found out your problem.
I’m sorry. Yesterday, I didn’t use you. I had just read book yesterday. I didn’t know that my nephew dropped water on you. I didn’t know it until this morning. It’s too late…
Eventhough, I tried to overturn you many times but you just can’t come back. You’re gone…
Just only when you left me, I can realize how beautiful you’re, how long we been through…


You came to me on December 28, 2012. Until now, you were always beside me 1 year 9 months.

When I couldn’t sleep, you were always right there for me so that I could write, I could express my feeling at the times I couldn’t say anything to anyone. You were always by my side… You did your job so keenly, so diligently. With you, I could write so many things I want to write. I know I still can write with any keyboard but with the time we spent together, you’re so special to me. Do you know that? So special that I dare not to write this words in Vietnamese because I’m scared that I can’t stop my feeling… So, I write in English to prevent myself from showing so much negative feeling.

Thank for helping me with my writing. I can buy a different keyboard with the same model to you but it isn’t you anymore. You’re yourself. The only thing. You came to me in my hardest time.

I miss you, dear friend…

Thank you for all wonderful time we have together.
2012.12.28 – 2014.09.21



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